Stories About Courage, Creativity, and Change

A new story

About Creativity & change


This is my story

Create + Change

Creativity has been part of my identity for as long as I can remember.

And there’s never been a time I haven’t been in the process of transition or change.

So, as it turns out, I write a lot about creativity and change.

That’s the part of this project that’s “my story”, but this isn’t only about me…



from courageous humans creating change

You have a unique perspective

YOur StorY Matters

When we can find the courage to share our deepest truths it can offer others a raw edge to connect with.

I believe our shared stories are where and how seeds of empathy & understanding are planted.

This is a safe space to exercise your voice and practice sharing your unique story & perspective…


A Work In Progress

This project is not finished.

I’m not sure it will ever be finished. Or if it’s supposed to be…

(same as me)

Maybe it’ll morph into something else?

Or dissolve back to nothing?

For now, this project’s an imperfect work in progress.

And mostly about the process itself…

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