learning from diverse experience and insights

Transmanifesto is more than my story…

This website is also about celebrating creations, transformations & processes of others. And I’m excited to share stories & ideas from transgender artists and other creative entrepreneurs.

In general, I love talking to changemakers who are finding their own courage to create…

People who are igniting change and opening hearts & minds with their ideas…

Especially queer people who are finding value in their unique genius.

We exist. We are here, ALIVE. We are valid.

And WE ALL have A unique storY & value to share


Do you want to Share Your Story? Or do you have someone to suggest?

Your story matters…

Are you talking about creative courage or personal transformation?

Have you made a new choice or taken a new chance, lately? Facing a new fear?

Are you creating something from nothing? Or transforming something others thought was broken?

Do you have new ideas to share? Are you making something that might ease the pain or process for another?


// interviews coming soon! //